My Goals for this Blog

When I considered whether to start this blog, I thought about my reasoning why it would benefit me to share my story. I had started to journal a bit which did help me get out my thoughts and get me to think about things differently. But what I felt I needed to do was bring awareness to the emotional struggle couples facing infertility go through.

There are many unfair stereotypes the public has with infertility such as infertiles bring it upon themselves for waiting till they are older to have children or that science today allows people who are infertile to have children. People see celebrities having children or know people who struggle but end up having children. What is not understood is the emotional struggle couples go through prior to a resolution and also that there are certain circumstances where science has not caught up to. Not everyone has a happy ending or one that ends up in parenthood. Not everyone can “just adopt” either. People can not just “deal with it” either. There isn’t a one size fits all for infertile couples. Everyone’s road map is different as with anything in life.

With that being said my goal is to bring awareness. I’m not out to get people to feel sorry for me. There are infertile couples dealing with far more painful circumstances than we are. This blog is just one person’s perspective. What I hope is that those who read my blog become aware that not every married couple who is childless is that way by choice. I hope they spread the word that infertility is very real and very painful. I hope that one day we live in a society where everyone has an understanding of infertility and those people are supported rather than looked down upon.

3 thoughts on “My Goals for this Blog

  1. zed321

    Thank you for writing about these struggles and the emotions that come with them. Your posts have been a refreshing and honest look at what we go through with infertility and I am really inspired by reading them.


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