Getting to know the guy behind the blog

I’ve been debating on whether to make my blog public recently. Most of our friends and our families already know anyway. Plus if you follow me on twitter it has my full name on there. But I thought I would be fun to open up more about me the person here for those who don’t know me. So I figured for you all who read my blog I would share some random facts about me to get to know the guy behind the blog:

-I am short, only 5’4″.
-I am 100% Italian which means if I ever had joined the mafia I could have been made.
-Although I have lived in NJ since I was 2.5, I actually was born in NYC and lived in Queens before my parents moved to Jersey.
-I have one younger brother who is 6 years younger than me.
-I went to college in Virginia majoring in Political Science.
-I interned on Capital Hill in the Spring of 2002 in an office that was two doors down from an office that received Anthrax right after 9/11
-I worked on a Congressional campaign after I graduated college and actually got a chance to meet Former VP Al Gore.
-My Social politics are liberal but as I’ve gotten older my economic politics have become more conservative.
-I am a huge sports fan who loves the Mets, football Giants and hockey Rangers.
-As being a big fan of those teams, I hate the Yankees, all teams from Philadelphia, teams in the NFC East, Devils and Islanders.
-My favorite athletes include Mike Piazza, Adam Graves and Mark Bavaro.
-My most hated athletes include Roger Clemens, Martin Broduer and Michael Irvin.
-I am a big Howard Stern fan. I know some people find him offensive but I find his show entertaining. He makes my hour and twenty minute commute more bearable.
-I am a big Bruce Springsteen fan (I know surprise surprise I’m from Jersey).
-I also love Pearl Jam and saw them for the second time in concert in Philly last month.
-I am not really coordinated which is why I swam and ran long distance as a kid.
-If I like a person and become comfortable with them I will joke around with them. Those I don’t like I won’t joke around with.
-My favorite movie of all time is Goodfellas.
-I love dumb movies with lots of dumb guy humor that I love to recite lines too. My favorite comedy is The Big Lebowski.
-My favorite stand up comedian of all time is George Carlin.
-My favorite city in the world is Florence, Italy.
-My favorite city in the US is San Francisco.
-Before I got married I had little cooking experience in fact a few months into marriage I once cooked a cucumber thinking it was a zucchini. Now I can cook well just not as well as my wife.
-Speaking of food I once ate 4 Philly Cheesesteaks from Genos within an 8 hour period.
-I’m an Apple person and I’ll never go back to a PC or non Apple phone.
-My wife is an attorney who does Family, Bankruptcy and Real Estate. I joke with people if I ever mess up I’ll end up in a card board box.
-Speaking of my wife, I proposed to her in Paris at Luxembourg Gardens. When I asked she said “Of course”.

There you have it, that’s me in a nutshell.



5 thoughts on “Getting to know the guy behind the blog

  1. Infertile Male

    We have some things in common. I too was a Political Science major. I too worked in politics: six years for a State Senator, one year for a County Supervisor, six months doing legislative work for a trade group and I interned on a congressional campaign in college. I have Italian heritage and an Italian last name but am not full Italian. Goodfellas is one of my favorite movies too and I love to quote it from time to time. When I am really board, I go on youtube and watch clips from it. I also do the same with Big Lebowski. I too have enjoyed George Carlin’s humor. When it comes to Howard Stern there are only certain shows of his that I could stand and they were all back in the days when he was on terrestrial radio. The porn star and sybian thing was a little over the top for me.

    In some ways we are different. I am taller than you ( ‘6″2) and my politics are conservative, both socially and economically. I don’t follow sports. I do like a singer from New Jersey but his last name is not Springsteen its Sinatra. Once when I was sin New York, I made a pilgrimage to Hoboken to see Sinatra’s birthplace. It is still one of the only parts on NJ I have ever been to.

    Thank you for sharing. it is great to get past some of this IF stuff and just get to know each other as people.

    1. gsmwc02 Post author

      LOL, you know it’s not so much that I like the Red Sox but the fact that their winning makes Yankee Fans miserable makes me happy. That 2004 ALCS was a thing of beauty and watching how the Evil Empire was brought to its knees was incredible.

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