Infertility & Mental Health

IMO this is the most important aspect of infertility that couples need to work through even more important than having a child. This piece is a must read for anyone who is part of a couple going through infertility.

Forever Infertile

I was having a bit of fun on Twitter the other day, sharing the crazy searches that made people click on my blog. Some of them were downright wrong, but I was amused imagining what the reaction must have been to land on my infertility blog. **Sinister laugh**

However, the few bizarre and entertaining ones were overshadowed by lots of sad cries for help. It is those that I would like to address in this post, specifically searches like

“infertile friend says she feels worthless”

“family refuses to knowledge infertility grief”

“i am scared that i am not going to love my baby eventually because of my long struggle with infertility”

“infertility suicide”

“suicide and infertility”

Can you see why I’m alarmed? Now, I’m not a mental health expert, so any advice I give should not be taken as professional advice, nor used in place of seeking professional help. In…

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