Resources and Support for Infertile Men

Over the last year I’ve met so many wonderful people in the infertility community online who I’ve learned so much from. The majority of them are women but there are a small group of men of connected with who have influenced me being open. Back in February just after I learned that I would never be able to conceive a child I found a blog called “Life as a Dad to Donor Insemination Kids” it’s written by Eric Schwartzman who as the title of the blog says is a dad to two children who were conceived through donor sperm. I was really intrigued by it as it was the first blog or resource I came across that was written by a man who dealt with male infertility.

It was through this blog that Eric referred me to his yahoo group that he created called “DI Dads“. This is a men only yahoo group made up of men that are either dads of children conceived through donor sperm and men who are infertile that are considering starting a family through donor sperm. You won’t find a more supportive group of men any where on a topic that is as sensitive as male infertility is. This was my life line early on in being able to connect to other men who knew exactly what I was going through emotionally. Although my wife and I have not decided to pursue this route, I can’t thank Eric and the members if this group enough for the support and guidance they provided me. IMO, any man who is dealing with infertility who is considering building their family through donor insemination should join this group.

With there being few resources and support groups for men going through infertility, Eric Schwartzman is a pioneer in this field for providing something that is lacking. Though I am not one to tell other men they should be as open as they are with their infertility as I am, I wish there were more guys like Eric out there to provide more resources and support groups for men like us.

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