The Power of Twitter

In this world of social media and technology making our world smaller, I would like to thank twitter for connecting me with as much knowledge and as many great people as I have. When I initially signed up for twitter it was to get sports news quickly because I’m a sports nut like most men. But once infertility hit, it became a vital resource for me connecting with people that have helped me learn so much on my journey.

I would not have the knowledge nor would I have the network of support if it wasn’t for twitter. While it may not seem like it could, 140 characters have more power than anyone can quantify. For those of who aren’t following me or someone I don’t follow, I am @gsmwc02 on Twitter. If you aren’t on twitter, you need to. You will gain much value from it.


4 thoughts on “The Power of Twitter

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  2. Lisette

    It is amazing isn’t it. Between blogging and twitter I feel I have all the support I need. So long IRL people who simply do not get it. I’ll forever be thankful to those I’ve met in cyberspace

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