Learning more about “Y” I am Infertile

It will be a year ago next Friday (January 10th) that I found that a Y Chromosome microdeletion of the AZFb and AZFc regions was the cause of my azoospermia. When I was told this by our first RE, I had no idea what that meant. How could part of my Y Chromosome be deleted? I mean besides my metrosexual tendencies, I have so many guy like characteristics and my the rest of my body seemed to be normal of a guy. I love sports despite not being coordinated, I can be an idiot and I do other things most guys do that annoy their wives. So how could that be that I was missing pieces of my Y Chromosome?

As most people today, anytime I have a need for information I turn to google for guidance. However, in this case there was very little I was able to find on the internet on Y Chromosome Microdeletions. Even when I met with the urologist there was little information he was able to provide on the condition. So I was left with few answers as to why me and what caused it. All I knew is that it happened during my conception but no reason why it happened.

Yesterday I did a piece on “The Power of Twitter” and all of people I’ve connected with over the last year. One of them is a woman named Sara who is the co-creator of a site called “Don’t Cook Your Balls“. This is by far the best website out there when it comes to male infertility. It is a must read for any man going through infertility who is looking for answers and support. Sara has become not only a valuable resource for me but also a good friend. Her words of encouragement have meant as much to me as the information she provides from her extensive research.

Earlier this week she sent me a very heartfelt email that inspired my New Years Resolution. But Sara topped that advice with an incredible piece on Y Chromosome Microdeletion. From the explanation of what the Y Chromosome is, to how microdeletions happen and how common it is, overall it is the most comprehensive piece I’ve read on the subject. It’s something that no one else had available to me last year.

I can’t thank Sara enough for all of her research and work on male infertility. Her passion for the subject is incredible. It shows in her work and speaks volumes about the type of person she is. She has had a major positive impact on my infertility journey. That is something I can’t put into words about what her friendship has meant because words wouldn’t do it justice.

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