Perfect Moment Monday: Opening Day

Over the last 15 months there have been few things that have made me happy in my life.  Trying to find positives in a shitty situation has been near impossible.  What’s helped me get through it obviously are my wife and support system.  That support system includes other family and friends, my therapist who I saw for 7 months in 2013 and the many wonderful people I’ve met online.  One of those many wonderful people is Lori Holden, who is an Adoptive Mom and infertility survivor.  I’ve mentioned her in a number of blog posts.  I can’t say enough nice things about her and the type of person she is.  Her book “The Open-Hearted way to Open Adoption” is a must read for anyone considering pursuing adoption or who is an Adoptive Parent.

One of the many wonderful things Lori does through her blog is post a column the last Monday of every month called “Perfect Moment Monday”.  Lori describes what “The Perfect Moment” as being:

Perfect Moment Monday is about noticing a perfect moment rather than creating one. Perfect moments can be momentous or ordinary or somewhere in between.

For months I had gone by and not participated in describing a Perfect Moment that I’ve had because I had been so down.  But recently I realized that I do have Perfect Moments, I just was too depressed to realize it.

I’ve described before on this blog that I am a huge sports fan especially when it comes to my teams (Mets, NY Giants and NY Rangers).  One of my favorite annual sporting events is Opening Day in baseball.  My first Mets Opening Day was on March 31, 1998 at Shea Stadium.  It was my Senior Year of High School and took the day off.  It was also the only Opening Day I’ve been too that I’ve been able to wear shorts and a T-Shirt too.  Every other Opening Day I’ve been too (6 others) it’s been frigid as it usually is in April in Queens.

Today will mark my 8th Opening Day I’ve been too.  For me as a Met fan they are my Perfect Moments.  It’s the start of the baseball season and a new beginning for the Metsies.  It’s a day that I take off from work to celebrate my love for baseball and the Mets.  It’s the first day to “Meet the Mets” for that season.  The Mets are 0-0 with a 162 games left that leave a world of possibilities.  And the Mets have the best record on Opening Day (34-18) of any team in baseball history, so you are almost sure to see them win.  Even though typically in my lifetime the Mets have been pretty bad outside of the mid to late 80’s, late 90’s and 2005-2008.  It’s not about that for me.  It’s about having fun and celebrating something I love to do and that is go to the ballpark to see a game.

Every Opening Day is a Perfect Moment for me that I am sure to experience today……………..even though I may not notice it at the time.


12 thoughts on “Perfect Moment Monday: Opening Day

  1. kcourt40

    I’m wishing I was at Camden Yards today to watch my Red Sox kick off the season. Hope your day is fabulous – looks like the sun is shining in North NJ, so I’m hoping it’s sunny at the stadium for you too!

    1. gsmwc02 Post author

      Sun was shining in Flushing but the wind was whipping as well. Still was a good day. Best of luck to the Red Sox hoping they win the AL East again. 🙂

  2. sarah

    I’ve come to the same conclusion as you in that there really isn’t much positive in infertility. The twinkey societal pressure we sometimes face to “turn a negative into a positive” leaves no room for the fact that some things just really really suck. I’ve used my energy instead try to work on cultivating the ability to be with painful uncomfortable emotions, as well as to cultivate some acceptance (grrrr). What often feels like a total inconvenient pain in the neck has surprisingly made me more receptive to the good moments when they do come. I didn’t know this would happen. As humans we DO have the capacity to hold both joy and grief, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy or possible to feel it all. Like the moment you’re describing in your post, the vast majority of my “good” moments do not come from baby making related stuff.

    What’s most deeply and profoundly important in all of this is that you’re NOT a Yankees fan:-) Best wishes for an enjoyable opening day from one of your fellow infertile bloggers who is also a Red Sox fan.

  3. Lori Lavender Luz

    Well! Which do I respond to first — your very kind words about me (thank you so very much) or baseball smack talk?

    Since I backed the Broncos, I think I’ll curb any sports smack talk I may have inside me. Go Mets — make my friend Greg happy this season!

    PMM has moved to the PerfectMomentProject. I hope you don’t mind if I add your link. So happy to see you noticing one 🙂

  4. Robin J Phillips

    Great images. I love the memory of the very first Opening Day being the last one you were able to wear shorts and T-shirt to. I live in Phoenix, so by Opening Day, we’ve already seen some baseball. Go Spring Training! Congrats on making it to your 8th Opening Day. I have a pin in my jewelry box that I got from Opening Day at the Diamondbacks maybe 8 years go. I have to go back and look at it tonight to remember what year that was. Thanks for the memories. And thanks for stopping by Perfect Moment Monday at my blog. I’ll try to do Lori proud.

    1. gsmwc02 Post author

      That’s awesome. Spring Training is a lot of fun. It’s the intimacy of minor league baseball with the Major Leaguers. Thank you so much. 🙂

  5. Alisa Winslow

    Hey there- I nominated you for a Liebster. If you are up for accepting this honor, check out what you need to do over on my blog. I couldn’t tell how many followers you have or if you have received the award before… if you haven’t you deserve to! We love having a male perspective out here in Crazytown.


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