Infertile Men Website Launch!!!

If you look at the infertility community it is mainly made up of women with few men that are outspoken about it.  Sometimes it makes me feel weird that almost all of my connections in the infertility community have been women.  It’s like I am that creepy guy who has a bunch of women friends.  But most of the time I do feel comfortable interacting with them.  As much as I love them all, I wish there was a Male Fraternity that was just like the Female Sorority in the infertility community.

Though the men I’ve connected with are small, they are all quality guys making up for the lack of quantity.   One of them is Richard from RemagineIt.  A few months back Richard contacted me regarding putting together a website dedicated to male infertility run by guys for guys.  The motivation behind it is that there really isn’t a website for men the way there are many for women.   This would be a place where the mind of the infertile man was driving the resource and the content.  We thought it over and decided to go for it.

Richard being website developer took the lead on the project.  To be honest, he did basically all of the work.  I provided him with feedback on ideas and promised to drive the promotion of it.  He deserves the credit for this taking off.  I can’t thank Richard enough for all of the hard work he has put together.  I hope that I am able to help him in any way promote the site, and make it a place where men come to connect and maybe some women come to learn about us.

Earlier this month, the Infertile Men officially launched at  I encourage all of you to visit the site and engage.  Engagement is so important in the infertility community to support and learn from one another.

13 thoughts on “Infertile Men Website Launch!!!

  1. Lauren

    So great and long overdue! Well done guys!

    Although, for the record, I’d just like to say I don’t think it’s creepy for a guy to have lots of women friends. It’s how he treats them that counts. I certainly wouldn’t want to be judged for having as many men friends as I do 🙂


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