2015 Resolution: I Choose to be Challenged

Well it’s that time of year…..it’s the beginning of a new year thus it’s time for people to come up with resolutions on how they can better themselves. A lot of people go with the traditional weight loss resolution. Others choose other ways to improve their lives. For me my 2015 resolution is to challenge myself.

After all that’s gone on recently in the infertility and childless/childfree community and people either choosing to engage or walk away from difficult conversations it’s got me thinking about the idea of protecting oneself and going to safe places. I am going to make it a point to not protect myself or go to safe places. I am choosing to challenge myself to not block or unfollow someone who is pregnant or has kids. I am choosing not to walk away from difficult discussions that open up old wounds. I am choosing to expose myself to difficult situations that I can learn from. I am choosing to be honest with myself and others.

For those of you who follow this blog or follow me on Twitter I ask that you challenge me as well. Be honest with me, don’t worry about being nice. If you disagree with me or come from a different perspective challenge me to recognize your perspective. If you think there is something I am not considering challenge me to consider it.

My plan is to tackle some difficult topics this year but to also have some fun with it so it’s not all doom and gloom. General male infertility topics I’m going to post to Infertile Men. Everything else from a personal standpoint I’m going to post here.

I wish you all the best in 2015 on your journeys. Oh and if you’re looking for ideas on New Years Resolutions, I highly recommend reading this piece via “The Unpregnant Chick“.


5 thoughts on “2015 Resolution: I Choose to be Challenged

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  2. Victoria

    Fabulous. I do something similar; not a fan of the resolution so I have a ‘word of the year’. This year it is wellbeing! Blessings for a beautiful new year.


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