“I’m not Supersticious but I’m a little Sticious”

Back in October 2012 K and I purchased our first iPhones (the iPhone 5).  Being a guy who loves gadgets I loved it.  I no longer needed an iPod for my music.  I had my phone for that and everything else.  But that phone would be the phone where I would have some of the most devastating conversations in my Adult Life. It’s the phone where I got the call on about my negative sperm analysis and blood test results.  It’s the phone when I first heard the phrases Non Obstructive Azoospermia and Y Chromosome Microdeletions.

Don’t get me wrong I loved that phone and how much it let me do.  It was the phone that was my guide in my half marathon training last summer/fall.  Over the last few months the battery started to weaken and I knew it’s time with me was coming to a close.  Today my new iPhone came and has been set up.  

Which brings me to the title of this thread which is a quote from the great Eli Manning from the 2007 America’s Game done on the Super Bowl XLII champion NY Giants.  The part of the show where Eli talks about how before the NFC title game against the Packers in sub zero weather he asked his fiancé to sit outside rather than a suite because the Giants had a better record when she attended games where she sat outside and a bad record when she sat in a suite.  He had the quote “I’m not Supersticious but I’m a little Sticious.”  On a side note she sat in the Suite for the game without telling him……but the Giants won the game anyway.

So at a time when I need some good luck I hope that getting rid of my old phone and going with my new phone will bring me some good luck.  Though I’m sure to some people it may sound crazy and that’s ok because I admit I’m a little crazy.


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