Thank you Kaeleigh MacDonald

Wow, it’s been over a year since I last blogged. I know I used to get on people who got their happy ending to all of a sudden disappear then I go and do the same thing lol. I just haven’t been feeling much of the infertility and child stuff lately. Unfortunately we’ve been dealing with aging sick parents, parents relocating and within the last 10 days have friends that lost their son less than a month before he was due to be born. Also, I had a really close call getting into some serious shit due to my own stupidity that could have been life altering. I won’t get into specifics but 2018 has not been a pleasant year so far and to be real it will likely get more difficult before it gets easier. But that’s life just have to make the best of what is.

Which brings me to why I’m writing now. Over the course of the five plus years in the infertility I’ve met many amazing people and formed many friendships. There are too many to name in one post and I know I’d forget some I’d later regret, In some cases these friends are people who at times I wasn’t the nicest to. I won’t make any excuses for it as I own my behavior. Some of these people no longer interact with me and I understand why and hold nothing against them. Others have stuck by me despite me shitting on them multiple times for that I truly love them as friends.

One of these amazing individuals is Kaeleigh MacDonald, my buddy from Canada. I initially connected with her on Twitter and also through her blog Unpregnant Chicken. She’s a witty, funny upbeat personality who is easy to like and get along with. She’s also incredibly passionate about helping others and no doubt all of these qualities have led her to be an amazing mom, wife and friend. Well over a year ago she had asked me to put together a guest blog piece on a topic of my choosing. I had the topic picked out in my head. I had many long runs where I would write it out in my Head only to come home and never sit down to write it. I felt bad cause Kaeleigh kept asking about it and it was just a matter of carving out time to write it. Finally about two months ago I finally got my piece to her.

Some of you I know have read it and I’ve shared it on other social media platforms for others to read and hopefully explain where I’m coming from and where I am now. I hope you enjoy it. I really want to thank Kaeleigh for the opportunity to share my story, for being a great friend and being the amazing person she is.

8 thoughts on “Thank you Kaeleigh MacDonald

  1. Mali

    I read this – ” I just haven’t been feeling much of the infertility and child stuff lately” – and smiled. I truly believe that this comes to all of us – or at least, the large majority of us, as it is the rule, not the exception.

    Of course, as you say, that doesn’t mean that our lives are necessarily carefree. I am sorry you’re going through parental health issues – I can relate to that, with my own parents, and now that they’re gone, with my in-laws (especially the last 9-10 months). I hope the rest of your year eventually gets easier (even if it gets harder first). As always, wishing you well.

    1. gsmwc02 Post author

      Absolutely and it doesn’t mean our lives don’t have triggers when it comes to being childless after infertility. They’ve come up for me in the last year I just know how to deal with them better and why I feel the way I do.

      It does stink to watch relatives go through health issues. I’m sorry to hear about your in laws. Hope you’re well otherwise.

  2. Cristy

    Mali said it perfectly. Though I’m so sorry that there are other not-so-good and potentially life-altering things you are facing, to see that you are finding so many reasons to live fully and well brings a smile to my face. And given that there are so many people in this world, regardless of their fertility status, who are unable to find the light, you are also a source of inspiration.

  3. differentshoresblog

    Just catching up with this now as I too “just haven’t been feeling much of the infertility and child stuff lately”, if at all. It’s been superseded by more pressing stuff in my life and I never really get bogged down by it any more, even if, as you mention, there can be triggers. I just read your other piece on pregnant chicken and love your advice to hold onto your partner tight. I’ve realised lately that having a good partner to share things with is more important to me than having kids; thanks for reminding me to appreciate this.


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