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It does get easier

After a rough few weeks……….I take that back, after a rough 14 months I think I might be turning the corner. First an update off of my last post, I got my four references needed to apply for my local Big Brother program. Earlier today I submitted my application and signed up for a training in early April. It’s a bit of a wait so I am disappointed on that end but I’ll be traveling for work when their March training is. The important thing though is I’m moving in a direction and I’m excited about the prospect of making a difference.

Last night I went to a Happy Hour with some old co workers that I haven’t seen in two years. It was great to see them as they were a fun group to work with. All of them have children included one friend who went through infertility from my understanding and her and her husband recently adopted her grandniece. I had reached out to her last year for some advice on adoption. I didn’t divulge many details back then just said K and I may not be able to have children. The topic of children was being talked after this friend had left. That was when I opened up and told the group that K and I were unable to have children with ease.

For the first time opening up about what we’ve been through I didn’t get upset or reflect. It was a smooth conversation. Though they did turn the conversation to adoption. But they weren’t annoying about it. Overall I handled it well not really getting upset or emotional during it all.

Maybe I am turning the corner. Maybe this does get easier with time. Maybe I can do this and make it out better than when I was when I started……