Why I Hate The Word “Blessed”

A great reblog from one of the many great people in the adoption community. Though I am not religious. I wouldn’t use the word blessed, I would use the word lucky in certain circumstances. I am lucky that I have such a wonderful wife. I am lucky that we received a clear quick IF diagnosis and that we didn’t need to go through any treatments adding to the emotional stress infertility has brought us. I never want to see my wife go through what many women have. I consider myself and us lucky not blessed because things could be worse despite not being better.

These Are The Days

You hear it all the time.

“Oh I feel so blessed.” “God has really blessed me.” “Let’s ask for God’s blessings.”

I call bullshit. Not on the whole God thing. I believe in God, but don’t feel the need to justify whether I do or don’t in this space.

My problem is how people say it. As if God is up there (up where, really?) looking down and randomly choosing people saying, “Yes…let me bless that real housewife of Beverly Hills with zillions of dollars and a new car and fame and Botox…” All the while, turning his back on the people in the world that really need a blessing.

People like Davion Navar Henry Only.

He is 15 and has never had a real family or a real home. Now I have to give a shoutout to the folks who have been providing him with a foster…

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