My First Guest Blog Post

A few weeks back I connected with a woman named Fran Meadows on twitter. Fran is a infertility mom, author and advocate. She runs a website called Secret Infertility and recently wrote a book called “The Truth Behind The Secret Infertility”. She contacted me and asked whether I’d be interested in writing a guest blog post for her website to share my perspective as a man going through infertility since men typically do not talk about their infertility openly. I am all for sharing my experience, so of course I told her that I would.

To make sure I gave her what she was looking for I asked for some guidelines. My task was to describe an experience I’ve had in coming out to friends, family or coworkers about my infertility. While I haven’t come out to all my friends (have yet to come out on Facebook), I’ve already come out to my close friends, my family members and some co-workers. So I had plenty of experiences to share. It took me a while to pick one coming out story that stood out and would be interesting for the reader. There were some that did stick out such as one of my college friends who although I don’t talk to that often still picked up the phone to call me when he heard that something big was going on with my life. His call meant more to me than any other friend or family member that reached out to me. But the one story that stuck out to me was opening up to a friend that’s a recent cancer survivor and that friend opening up to me about his hurt beyond the physical aspects of cancer. It’s one of those situations in the last eight months that made me reflect.

I encourage you all to read the piece (click here to access) as I think it shows that men can open up with one another about things that are hurting them. I would like to thank Fran for giving me the opportunity to contribute to her website and hope that those who follow her and read her website enjoy the piece.


4 thoughts on “My First Guest Blog Post

  1. barrenbitch

    Excellent post. I am so glad to hear that everyone has been supportive as you have disclosed your infertility. I think we all fear the worst when coming out, but people seem to better than we think. Congrats on the guest post!


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