Ducks Center Dave Steckel Opens Up

Rarely do you see a man open up about their infertility let alone an athlete. This is why I was so surprised when I read that Anaheim Ducks Center Dave Steckel recently came out about his infertility. It took a lot for him to come out especially being in the fraternity that professional athletes are in and the ribbing that goes on among them.

In the article the part that stuck out to me was this:

“Yeah, I’m a hockey player,” said Dave, who since leaving Washington has played for New Jersey, Toronto and now Anaheim under former Caps coach Bruce Boudreau. “But I’m a father first and foremost. Get yourself tested; it could be you. And if it is, no big deal. You go from there. Doesn’t matter how big of a hard-ass you are.

Being a big hockey fan I know who Steckel is. He isn’t a big star. He is a role player that has been around the league. Regardless it still took a lot for him to come out. I give him credit for negotiating IF insurance coverage in the CBA that was agreed to last year. Most importantly, I thank him for sharing his story and bringing awareness to male infertility.

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